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Through failed relationships, serial hook-ups, blackouts, and all of the shame that comes with these experiences, Garza writes a riveting memoir narrating a journey of exploration as she seeks therapy. Eventually, she begins a 12-Step program to find relief, if not salvation, from her addictions. Recounting the progression effects of alcohol from an idyllic childhood to a monstrous meth addiction, Amy Dresner explores her recovery journey in this insightful memoir. Anyone who wants to understand the complex roots of addiction should familiarize themselves with Dr. Gabor Mate’s work. Mate has worked with drug addicts in some of the most dire straights.

  • This book is important for anyone who is still struggling with attaining sobriety.
  • But humans recover from all manner of trials and they do so in ways that defy the traditional arc of addiction lit – a hero’s journey through denial to rock bottom and back up again.
  • This recovery story captures the anguish and doubt that accompany the choice to quit drinking.
  • Sometimes the best way to recover from drug and alcohol addiction is understanding the reasons behind why we are prone to abusing these substances.
  • Annie Grace makes the case that alcohol is ultimately a waste of time and that sobriety is freeing, not boring.
  • hen we hear the word “recovery”, especially alongside “literature”, we tend to think of books on alcoholism or drug addiction.

In it, Nick Sheff gives a detailed depiction of his daily struggles as an addict. He gives readers a firsthand account of the thoughts and feelings that an addict wrestles with.

The emotional burden of her past eventually led her to attempt to take her own life. Dresner battles through sex addiction and starting over in her 40s after she went as low as she could imagine.

Fiction That Focuses On Opiate Addicts And Addiction

This author does not merely talk of the struggles, but of the hope that can be found in recovery. Another self-help style book is Freedom from Our Addictions by Russell Brand. This well-known comedian, writer, and actor gives his personal testimony of addiction and recovery, giving real world advice to those entrenched in the same journey. For those asking why we’re seeing so much more compassion for the opioid epidemic than we did during the crack epidemic, Dr. Hart is your man. A neuroscientist who made it out of a bad Miami neighborhood ponders in this memoir why he didn’t end up headed down a different path.

addiction recovery books

These books give advice, information, and motivation to improve a specific aspect of one’s life. Countless books have been written about how to overcome addiction and how to get one’s life back on track. Below are some of the most popular books available today on the topic of addiction, and a brief description of their content. We chose these books from the many recommended by our Alumni – one is even written by one of our alums. They call into question the beliefs we’ve been raised with, and stereotypes of addiction. Each of these authors demands that we face addiction as an intimate, human story as well as a broad public health and safety issue.

This memoir tells of her painful descent from depression into drug addiction and, eventually, how she broke free. Despite its dark beginning, this is ultimately a hopeful book that inspires readers to root for her throughout. Her confessional style of writing has left an indelible mark Alcohol that remains influential today. Author Erica Garza grew up in a strict Mexican household in East Los Angeles. She writes with evocative prose about the anxiety that fueled her addiction to masturbation as a young girl, and eventually, her sex and pornography addiction as an adult.

the bible of mapping a holistic recovery for your mind, body, and spirit. This is a book you’ll refer to again and again as you begin to live a sober life. Gain practical knowledge in this science-based work by clinician and psychiatrist Adam Bisaga. In this work, Bisaga explains why opioid addiction requires a unique treatment approach compared to other drug dependencies. The book also details various methods of treatment for opioid addiction and how to select the right method for yourself or a loved one. This book details her 15-year battle with the drug and how she finally overcame her addiction.

Alcohol Lied To Me

After one particularly harrowing experience in a hotel, Hepola gets sober and the reader realises she has been holding her breath for a couple hundred pages. An important component of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is surrounding yourself with positive reminders of the benefits of sobriety. These reminders can include guidance from a trusted source and mindful meditation to promote mental health, both of which can be accomplished by opening a good book.

addiction recovery books

Many readers that struggle with addiction resonate with Nick and his rocky journey to recovery. This autobiography leaves no gruesome detail out of one woman’s personal story of opioid addiction, imprisonment, blackmail and her journey to recovery.

, understanding the similarity of other people’s experiences – and how they eventually overcame addiction – can be a powerful example that provides hope. Here are some book recommendations for people who are in addiction recovery. Blackouts are a special horror and humiliation, and not all drinkers experience them. Hepola’s tone is often funny and loose but she writes with a journalist’s precision and the book reads almost like a thriller.

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After getting sober, Hepola began examining these blacked-out hours, what they meant about her drinking and, more importantly, what they mean for her sobriety. From inspirational bestsellers to celebrity memoirs, these tales of addiction and recovery offer advice, encouragement, and tips to help you face the challenges of sober living head-on. Reading is so much more than just a temporary distraction from the reality of your daily life. The books you choose can help you gain a new perspective on your own struggles or better understand what the people you care about are going through. also includes advice from 100 of the world’s top addiction experts to shape your self-care strategy during recovery, making it one of the most comprehensive books on addiction and recovery.

addiction recovery books

This work has led to incredible insights about the nature of addiction, the failure of the “war on drugs,” and the compassion that’s needed for effective addiction treatment. Regardless of how in denial one may be, being a blackout drinker is freaking scary.

The Best 12 Step Mindfulness Book Out There!

Growing up in a home where there is addiction or relationship trauma puts a child at great risk for long-term, post-traumatic stress effects that adversely compromise adult relationships. This book is a positive tale where she narrates the year in which she went from a cancer diagnosis to her happiest and best self ever. In this journey, she became sober, beat cancer, and finally built a richer life than she could have possibly imagined. It’s a beautifully told story about how alcohol seduced her at fourteen and secretly subjugated her through her university years and most of her award-winning career. Eventually, she goes through a series of 9-to-5 jobs that end with her living behind a Dumpster due to a descent into crack cocaine use.

As you start to analyze and think back to the onset of your addiction, you may find yourself unable to point the finger at anything beside yourself. He comes from the book publishing world and, again, was someone who was successful and smart, but in active addiction.

With this book, you’ll have a practical, inspiring guide to raising a family…your grandfamily…again. In the book, professionals will see how the benefits of ACT can actually be enhanced in a group setting, particularly because there are more participants for ACT exercises. This leads to increased accountability among clients, and allows them to play both an active role and the role of the observer during treatment. The book also includes concrete tips for applying ACT to a number of treatment scenarios, including inpatient group therapy, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient programs, and community self-help groups. More than a journey through addiction and recovery from it, this is a tale about how trauma shapes us, and how we can only free ourselves from its hold by facing it. It’s a testament to how one moment, completely out of our control, can drastically change our lives. Mary Karr is known for her wit and charming style, and in these pages, she discusses pretty much all her life struggles, not only those with alcohol.

addiction recovery books

We’re a modern recovery company that helps you stop drinking and start feeling better.By using evidence-based treatment and peer support, we can provide you with the education, tools, and community you need to recover. Are there any additional books about addiction that you recommend? If you want even more books, we’ve got 16 books about the unglamorous parts of addiction here. ), Nic Sheff describes the challenges body changes after quitting alcohol of staying sober after several rounds of rehab and his non-linear but ultimately successful path to recovery. A pregnant, drug-addicted teenager check herself into rehab in hopes of giving her child a life different from her own. Journalist and recovery addict Salavitz marries journalism and memoir in this exploration of how and why addiction develops–-and how we should think about treating it.

Powerful Womens Recovery Memoirs To Inspire Your Own Journey

You can also call treatment centers like Michael’s House to learn facts about addiction, treatment, and recovery from a live person. You can learn how reading can support your rehab experience and your long-term recovery.

Now the first tenured black professor in the sciences at Columbia, he has the opportunity to look back and see why he escaped the social forces so many around him didn’t. Dr. Hart takes many preconceived notions about drugs and the U.S drug war and turns them on their head, analyzing them through scientific and then social lenses. I heard Dr. Maté speak at a convention many years ago, and was immediately smitten. He advocates for compassion towards addicts, as sick Addiction people trying to get well the best way they know how. The simplicity of this idea makes so much sense, and is often forgotten in everything from AA to drug law. You don’t need to agree with all of Gabor Maté’s theories to see that he has brought a level of hope and humanity to the conversation surrounding addiction. In this autobiography, Sheff discusses the chaos that his addiction caused, and how he came to terms with his past to find a life of recovery.

An Acre of Fools is a gut-wrenching fictional story, woven around true events, that showcases the devastating effects of drug addiction. After battling a long illness, Peter’s daughter, Austin, finds herself in a nightmarish addiction that thrusts her and her family into a world they never imagined.

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